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3D Design

While spending time with LEGO©, I soon came to realize that the company product range lacked certain pieces. This is why I came to start 3D designing. I have mostly had the pieces printed by Shapeways, because having my own 3D printer would have been too expensive and the home 3D printers cannot print as precise as is necessary for the use with original LEGO© pieces.

I had not all of them printed. Some I only designed to use in LeoCad, especially the gothic window pieces. Meanwhile, LEGO© has added gothic window pieces to their range of products (as they have done with others of my designs - purely coincidentally of course).

If you need gothic window pieces for your LeoCad braucht, you can download them here.

To add those bricks to your LeoCad library, download and unzip them and put them into the Ldraw/Parts folder. Then open LeoCad > File > Pieces Library Manager > File > Import Piece and Import all the pieces you like. Then close LeoCad and open it again. The pieces should then be available to use.

This is what it could look like when you use the arch bricks (Built with LeoCad, rendered with Blender):