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Music Box

Zu Weihnachten habe ich von einer Freundin ein Make Your Own Music Box bekommen. Mit dem Set kann man - einiges musikalisches Wissen vorausgesetzt - Papierstreifen zum Klingen bringen.

I soon ran out of the paper strips. Because I didn't want to order them - after all, it's only paper with lines on it, I decided to make some of my own.You can download the pdf file with four blank strips (4 cm wide on A4 paper) here. It has the staves in green and some of the notes at the beginning.

I have the model by Kikkerland, but there might be others out there, I don't know. But if the strips that came with your music box are 4 cm wide, then it should work.
Print it on thicker paper (at least 160 g/sqm) or glue two sheets together.
Make sure to cut them very carefully, otherwise you will mess up your melody.

I recommend you write the title of your song at the beginning, so you'll find the song you're looking for easier in your soon to be vast collection. ;-)

I always write the numbers of the main beats on top where the vertical lines are, which makes it easier to keep the overview.

Another tip: Keep some of the punch wastes - you can use them to correct punchholes by taping them into the holes.

You can listen to examples of my music box here:

Maria durch ein Dornwald ging

Hark The Herald Angels Sing

Tetris Theme A

Chacona a la vida bona