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Turkey Autumn 2013

When I visited the Pergamon Museum in Berlin with a Turkish friend in winter 2012/13, she asked me whether we shouldn't visit the original place of the Pergamon altar. At first, I thought she was kidding, but she was serious. So, in autumn 2013, we travelled the Turkish Aegean coast together with a common friend.

As none of us has a driver's licence, we depended on using the dolmuş (shared taxis in minibusses). However, we also used other means of transport like busses, a tractor, her father's and her boyfriend's car and also walked a lot (not just on site, but getting from one site to another). In Istanbul, we used the regular means of public transport.

crimson dot = sight reddish brown line = dolmuş, bus
lilac dot = restaurant yellow line = taxi
lime dot = accomodation green line = walk or bike tour
light blue dot = airport blue line = boat trip
  red line = tractor

As nothing is more boring than other people's holiday pictures, I only present a selection of 12 pictures. Not necessarily the standard motives every tourist brings home.

Pumpkins on the beach of Gümüşlük
Light effects at the Castle of Bodrum (English Tower)
Temple of Apollon at Didim/ Didyma
On the way from Akköy to Milet
Games (?) on the steps of the temple at Priene
Even for the wasps, it was too hot at Ephesos.
Sunset at Kuşadası
Sunrise at the Akropolis of Assos
Blue Mosque in Istanbul
Detail at the Mosaic Museum in Istanbul
Mosaic at the Chora Museum in Istanbul
last Turkish breakfast at Van Kahvaltı Evi in Istanbul